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Personalised Yoga on the Surf Coast


Personalised Yoga Tuition

Our aim at Vidatha Yoga is to empower our students through knowledge, passing on the traditional teachings of Yoga and QiGong based movement in a safe and mindful way that is sensitive to the needs of the individual.

Our main mode of teaching is personal tuition. We limit personal tuition classes to a maximum of six people so that we are able to provide individualised instruction, encouraging students to develop a sustainable yet challenging personal practice that is tailored to the individual. Students are advanced through the forms, at the discretion of the teacher, as they progress in their practice. We use techniques that encompass the wisdom of yoga, qi gong, shiatsu, and traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine, assisting students to begin to transform the subtle essences and energetic channels of the body.


Yoga on the Surf Coast

Let our Torquay studio become your
second home. A beautiful welcoming
intimate space with an incredible
community. Our specially
designed yoga studio offers
the perfect environment for
Yoga in Torquay on the
Surf Coast in Victoria.
Visit us in Torquay and experience
Vidatha Personal Yoga today.


Upcoming Events


Meditation Beach Walk
Last Saturday of every month

Join us for yoga meditation along the beautiful beaches of Torquay. Meet 7am at the front beach.

Creative Kids Movement
March 2019

Come along for a 4 week immersion into yoga and circus skills.

Full Moon Workshops

Vidatha Yoga will start the new year with an ongoing Full Moon group class in our studio.


Group Intro Class

Join us for a group intro class on
the last Tuesday of each
month and begin your
journey with Vidatha Yoga.
All are welcome to attend.
Bookings essential.


Autumn Harvest Bowl

This easy veggie bowl is filling, healthy, and takes less than 30 minutes. Rice and summer veggies make up this adaptable homemade weeknight meal.

Images and recipe courtesy of Half Baked Harvest



Shiatsu works by stimulating the circulation of Blood/Xue and Qi/Ki/Chi. (Qi is understood as the life force/energy which supports and facilitates the livelihood and balance – homeostasis – of the body and mind.) This is done by reducing or eliminating the restrictions (stagnation) which impede circulation and give rise to muscular tension, stress and blood stagnation and reinforcing those areas and activities of the body left deficient, or undernourished, by blood and energy.