Dale Sandwith (Dhali)


Growing up an avid surfer and snowboarder on the Victorian coast, it was for the rehabilitation of several knee reconstructions that Dhali first discovered Yoga and QiGong in 1997.


As his practice developed so did a yearning for a deeper understanding of the yogic path. This led him to the teachings of Duncan Ewing (Prahlad) a Yoga and Dragon Gate QiGong master at the Yoga Arts Academy Melbourne. After a one-year period of dedication to daily practice under his teacher Prahlad, Dhali was accepted into the three-year full time teaching apprenticeship at the academy.

Prahlad passed down the ancient teachings in the traditional manner, as he too had learnt from his teacher Shandor Remete.  Finely tuning the art of positioning the body –  standing, sitting, twisting, bending backwards, bending forwards and spiraling were explored in depth and detail.

Dhali was involved in teaching courses, workshops and weekly classes at the academy. The apprenticeship also involved three years working closely with Prahlad teaching personalised tuition sessions each morning and evening. This extensive experiential training has given Dhali a strong foundation in the practical application of yoga and how this assists the physical, psychological and emotional needs of the individual. 

Dhali’s own intensive training was focused on experiential teaching methods with emphasis on daily morning and afternoon yoga practice covering in detail the technical aspects of asana, pranayama and meditation.

On completion of his teacher training Dhali established Yoga Shala in Cairns, QLD. Creating a sanctuary for yoga and meditation in the tropical rainforest, he focused his teachings on the individual needs of his students through personalised yoga tuition.

Dhali has spent 3 years living in Asia sharing the art of Ghatastha Yoga/QiGong and studying at the Beijing International Art School, where he majored in Northern Chinese Wushu, Hand Balancing and FeiCha (Chinese Stick Juggling).

He is also a Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine Therapist graduating with a Diploma from the Australian Shiatsu College.