The Vidatha Yoga Story


Vidatha translates to the embodiment of the warrior class, purifying and strengthening both a peaceful mind and body.  Vidatha is knowledge of Hatha Yoga, comprised of techniques that transform the subtle essences of the body and develop its energy channels.

Finely tuned to ensure minimal physical energy is expended to provide maximum gain, the different postures used in all the forms of Vidatha Yoga have been arranged to provide a rich supply of blood to the brain and various parts of the spinal column. Asanas(postures) work by stretching and twisting the spinal column into many beneficial configurations. This stimulation promotes nerve health from the spinal column to the internal organs, limbs and extremities. Vidatha forms works on allowing the natural abilities of the body to unfold through a flowing sequence of asana tuned with the breath.

Conscious breathing links our voluntary and involuntary systems and helps to create a centre of awareness in the individual. When the  asana is performed in specific sequence, vital energy is increased and directed throughout the body. This process builds internal heat and stimulates the body to remove impurities and physical, psychological and emotional blockages. The process of QiGong and Hatha Yoga performed as a meditation in action allows for a mastery of the mechanism of the mind and leads to increased consciousness. Patience, perseverance, courage and sincerity are needed on the path. The basis of practice is the forging of the spirit. The primary goal of the student is to develop awareness. Ultimately, by cultivating awareness through specific breathing and movement techniques combined with a loose and natural attitude, one enters meditation. Meditation brings clarity to the mind and develops the consciousness.